All Roses Have Thorns

Montage, PART 2

Let me make a confession about the top row. I don't know anything about photo development. Originally I went, "Vampires would be great at photos, they can see in the dark! Dark rooms are no problem! BUT WAIT. Isn't there silver involved in old timey photo development??" So that turned from vampires being great, to vampires having difficulties. As shown here. Also, when did red lights become common? This far back? Who knows? When is the silver solution applied? Is it even used in the paper photos and not just the super old glass ones?? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS. But is it worth it to look up all this info for a three panel joke? No.

The last row was something that could have had a full scene dedicated to it. But I really just loved condensing it down to Faylin getting chased with a broom. "Hey, Cait, how does Wilkins feel about Faylin eating dead bodies?" and she said, "I don't think he likes it at first. It's kind of disrespectful." So that's where we are with that.

And check out some of my writin if you want, called He Made Me Feel about Iggy hooking up with his future boyfriend.

This is endlessly long. Have a comic recommendation though! I'm going to throw up Always Human today. Always Human is a completed comic taking place in a sci fi setting about two girls meeting and falling in love and learning to communicate and make their relationship work and last, even though their life experiences have been very different. It's just soft and cute, and it's probably a good read for now times, if you need something a little uplifting.

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