All Roses Have Thorns

Of course, Faylin will 100% avoid Tavis. Meeting Tavis had a 0% influence on his decision to stick around longer! Tavis is OUT of Faylin's mind. He will be so safe.

I've decided to put up a little bit of prose writing dealing with Ignatius and his future boyfriend Seorus (he's been in the comic for a couple pages, as a boy). If you want some MORE vampire content, check it out I guess? First chapter is up.

For today's quarantine recommendation, let's go with a very popular older one, completed and lovely: RICE BOY. I just read this recently, in book format. It's got a healthy dose of surrealism, with a lot of interesting landscapes, and it reminds me a lot of Bone. It's a fantasy adventure plot, about the finicky nature of chosen ones, prophecies, and what even small, simple people can do in the world. You may have already read it. I certainly heard the name thrown around a lot . . . last decade. But it was well worth finally getting around to it!

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