All Roses Have Thorns

About the Comic

ARHT is a centuries long tale about the lives and interactions of vampires, faeries, humans and ghosts. It's rated Mature for occasional violent or sexual content. It's been going since June of 2003. It was originally hosted on Comic Genesis/Keenspace, briefly landed at SmackJeeves, and now resides here.

It is written and drawn by Anne H., with co-creative credit going to her friend Callum for about half the characters.

When the comic is active, it updates every Wednesday and every other Friday.

The beginning chapters are quite old and are slowly being redone to be better. When an old chapter is being worked on, it updates weekly at Comic Fury. Upon completion they are uploaded in their entirety here, replacing the old pages.

You can contact me through gmail at allroseshavethorns

I can be found on:
Twitter @Japanne13
Tumblr Japanne
Pillowfort Japanne
Redbubble Ninniku
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