All Roses Have Thorns
Working on it!! 2/14

---Update 2---

2/14 update, the people are all done being inked, and by nature of one of the scenes, 11 pages don't need backgrounds!

But I've still got 2/3rd of a chapter that does! Next update will be an announcement on a start date!

--Update1---- Pencils are all done! Now it's time for inking! Still not sure how long it will be, but I'm chugging along! --- Hi Florists! Gardeners? Rosariums?!?!

It's been a long and pretty stressful time since the last chapter ended, but I'm . . . for the moment . . . in a good place to work on creative things again, thank goodness!!!

So I've just finished writing Chapter 51, I'm almost done with some character designs, and I'll keep this space updated when I get a little further in! Thanks for sticking around if you have. =)

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