All Roses Have Thorns
Hang in There

Hi Readers, I hope you're doing well considering all the circumstances in the world. D&D schedule got shifted, so this is the week's second page, a single update for next week.

I am so tired of drawing Faylin's sling. I regret breaking his arm. I did this to MYSELF.

For today's quaran-comic recommendation, let's go with . . . Love Not Found. So Love Not Found is a romance web comic with great diversity and representation in a sci-fi setting. And it comes with this kind of ridiculous premise that the world has moved on from human touch as adults and the story follows what happens when that is reintroduced. Now I say "kind of ridiculous" because that's what I thought when I started reading it. But you know what? They SELL it. I started a skeptic and ended up fully invested. It's a great story, and the emotional journeys of all the characters are so INTERESTING.

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