All Roses Have Thorns
Chapter End

Okay, we did it! We made it to the end of the first chapter on the new website!

I don't remember if I've posted this anywhere before, but Faylin's very first incarnation as a character was, "What if Wilkins had a vampire that lived in his basement?" And that's where he came from!!! That's where all of this came from! Wilkins is now a permanent comic fixture! You're welcome! We've come full circle! I could end it right here.

No I couldn't, I'm sorry, that's a lie.

I've started writing the next chapter, but I'm still working on that. Before I start drawing I'm probably going to finish coloring part 6, and work on my tarot cards a little more. Man I wish my reduced work schedule hadn't ended so soon! I'm also going to keep adding some chapters to He Made Me Feel, Chapter 3 is almost ready to go. It's about Ignatius and his boyfriend and I love them very much. I also learned you can put IMAGES in this text stuff. MAYBE I WILL DO THAT TOO???

I'll update twitter (@japanne13) most often with how the chapter's coming, but I'll put a post up here as well for important milestones. Go read some of the comics I recommended too! I hope you like them.

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