All Roses Have Thorns


    1106 - Part 11 flashback
  • Collamair has an ongoing affair with his brother's fiance.
    1107 - Part 11 flashback
  • Collamair's brother sells him and their younger brother Innis to Bhruic.
  • Collamair becomes a vampire, and kills Innis to spare him.
    1124 - Part 11 flashback
  • Eadoin seeks out Collamair.
  • Bhruic makes Eadoin a vampire.
    1331 - Part 19 flashback
  • Collamair propositions Auron to be his vampire.
    1555 - Part 1 - 6
  • Collamair and his entourage of vampires arrive at Lord Edwardson's castle, in The Pale area of Ireland as kind of vampire vacation
  • Collamair goes hunting in town and finds Faylin, a man with unusual energy, and decides he wants to make him a vampire.
  • In trying to assert his new role as Faylin's master and find out information about Faylin, he kills half of his family and tells his servants to giving the remaining three children to Eanwulf.
  • Collamair kills Faylin accidentally after feeding from him only once because of how delicious his blood was.
  • Collamair takes the corpse back to Edwardson's castle and is briefly possessed by Faylin's soul, rescuing his daughters from Eanwulf, and passing them off to Jocet and Saorla.
  • Collamair eventually raises Faylin who is enraged at Collamair, blasting him with powerful energy. He only stops when overcome with the pain of his soul being destroyed by the vampire magics.
  • Collamair leaves him with part of his soul intact and blocks off Faylin's anger so he will no longer have access to that powerful energy.
  • Worried about what Faylin would do if he knew about his children still being alive he gives them back to Eanwulf and orders them taken out of the castle immediately. Eanwulf beats Saorla and Jocet to take them.
  • Collamair takes away Saorla and Jocet's memories of the children as a further protection for himself.
  • Collamair tries to kiss Faylin, and order him to comply, but Faylin is resistant, and Collamair rapes him as punishment; Faylin is suitably traumatized.
  • Faylin hates feeding, and avoids it for a time. A servant involved in his original house entry uses his starvation to force Faylin to kill him.
  • Collamair starts feeding Faylin blood from a cup every three nights so he doesn't have to feed from people. He later starts including his own vampire blood in more frequent feedings.
  • Faylin starts learning to read and write from some of the nice vampires, then gets dragged into an invitation to a ball, so starts to learn some dances as well.
  • The vampires attend Lord Edwardson's Ball and meet Isleen.
  • Faylin and she leave early and become friends, but Collamair forbids Faylin to see Isleen.
    1556 - Part 7 - 9
  • Isleen fails at convincing Collamair to let her see Faylin.
  • Isleen writes Faylin in secret using a Farrell, a faerie she is acquainted with, as a messenger.
  • Collamair discovers their letter writing and is greatly displeased.
  • Collamair sarcastically gives Isleen a way to see Faylin, if only to mock her because it will never happen. And then it happens. He gives grudging consent to them to be together, then takes Faylin back home suddenly.
  • Bhruic welcomes Collamair home with his own entourage in a surprise visit introducing Eadoin as Collamair's son, some vampire siblings/friends of Collamair's, the sex-obsessed twins, and a newer member of his group, Struan. Struan likes to stick pointy metal things in people.
  • Struan and Bhruic capture Faylin and use him for their grotesque "entertainment" before Collamair comes to the rescue and takes his place. Faylin is not impressed.
    1557 - flashback from part 10
  • Lord Edwardson becomes a leech, is excommunicated, and dies.
  • Isleen is married to her father's Lord's son.
    1561 - Part 9 - 10
  • Faylin agrees to spend a night with Colly in exchange for the possibility of seeing Isleen one final time, but she utterly rejects him as a devil and monster.
  • Faylin and Collamair both reunite with Farrell and meet his friend Cadfael at Edwardson's
  • After taking Fayli's self-inflicted silver wound unto himself, and learning of Isleen's rejection, Collamair lets Faylin off of his end of the deal.
  • Isleen dies from illness sometime after Faylin departs (from chapter 12).
    1564 - Part 11
  • Eanwulf visits Faylin for nefarious purposes: he intimates that this has occurred before, and was using Isleen's continued well-being against Faylin as a means of keeping his silence.
    1565 - Part 11 - 12
  • Faylin gains permission to come and go from Collamair's castle freely.
  • He returns to his old town to see that those who were victims of the "demon" plague were considered unholy. His house has been burned and marked with a cross, and his family buried outside the cemetery.
  • While traveling, Faylin finds himself blanking out to feed, at which time another seemingly alternate personality takes over and gets the job done.
    1566 - Part 12
  • Faylin returns to Collamair's castle in a highly emaciated state which Collamair quickly rectifies.
  • While away, we learn that Faylin has experienced some changes whilst living amongst humans, the most striking being that his hair grew a small amount. A physical change, for a vampire, is unheard of.
  • Collamair experiences Faylin's alternate personality first-hand when it speaks briefly telling him to leave Faylin's soul in place.
  • Faylin continues coming and going as he pleases.
    1572 - flashback from Part 14
  • Farrell and Cadfael, who had been traveling together for some years, part ways after Cadfael falls in love with a seamstress.
    1575 - Part 12 - 13
  • Farrell begins his search for Faylin outside the graveyard where Isleen is buried.
    1576 - Part 13
  • Eanwulf comes to Collamair's castle ALSO searching for Faylin, but is thwarted by his absence.
  • Farrell tracks Faylin by stories of his attacks.
  • Faylin's absences from home seem to be causing Collamair to drift into a trance-like state.
    1577 - Part 13 - 16
  • Auron confronts Faylin about his leaving, insisting that by going out and changing he will drive them all to their end. Faylin does not agree to stop leaving, however.
  • Farrell finally arrives at Collamair's.
  • In an attempt to keep Farrell from leaving with Faylin, Auron seduces Farrell in order to have a chance at hypnotizing him. But even after biting him, she cannot control his mind and he and Faylin leave the next night. She notices that his blood is strange, energizing, and has the strange effect of temporarily making her color-blind.
  • Farrell talks a bit about his lineage and the Sidhe, revealing that he is descended not only from a king and queen, but from Death (Ankou) as well, and also mentions that Faeries do not think very much of vampires.
  • After only two weeks of traveling with Farrell, Faylin is fed up with Farrell's behavior and threatens to leave. (but they work things out).
  • Farrell reveals that his source of income is from beating up rich people and stealing their money. He counters Faylin's moral dilemma with this by mentioning all the attacks and killings Faylin has committed.
  • Faylin runs off in an angsty wind, forcing Farrell to follow so they can work things out again.
  • Farrell attempts to teach Faylin to hypnotize people so that he will not have to hurt them while feeding. When that fails he just teaches him the proper methods of knocking people out.
  • Collamair decides he needs to do something in order to keep his mind off of Faylin's absence and starts plastering the castle walls.
    1580 - Part 16
  • Farrell has cracked out dreams of being a celtic warrior and a sexually confused gender transforming girl. Faylin shares his own dream experiences about his daughter.
    1592 - (mentioned in Part 18)
  • Collamair finishes plastering the castle.
    1596 - Part 16 - 18
  • Fleeing the rain, Farrell and Faylin take shelter in a barn where Farrell is discovered by Breen, the farmer's daughter. After attempting to run from him and being knocked out, they get to be on friendly terms and eventually fall in love. Breen tries to make Farrell give up his thieving ways.
  • In a purely random happening, Farrell trips over a stool and cuts himself. The smell of his blood awakens Faylin's alternate personality which attacks Farrell and nearly kills him.
  • Faylin flees Breen's farm in horror over his actions and returns to Collamair's castle.
  • A brief altercation with Collamair nearly drives Faylin out again, but still reeling from the uncertainty of his attack on Farrell, he decides to stay and goes to Collamair with his questions.
  • Collamair and Faylin discuss his alernate personality/power, and Collamair develops "rules" for Faylin, to try and keep it under control: don't starve, stay away from faeries, and don't get angry.
    1599 - Part 1888
  • Faylin nearly tells Collamair about Eanwulf's threats to him and actions against him, but chickens out and just leaves instead.
    1604 - Part 18-20
  • Collamair is completely distracted by Faylin's absences and even by his time home. He is thrown into trance-like states. Auron suggests making a new vampire to keep his mind on things.
  • Collamair goes out on his own to find a vampire. Auron is angry and punches a hole in the outer castle wall.
  • Collamair finds and almost makes Terry a vampire, but seeing that he enjoys his life, he leaves him alone and looks for someone who doesn't. Her name is Catherine, the unhappy wife of a tanner.
  • Auron threatens Faylin's life and pushes him down the stairs.
  • She also protects him from Eanwulf when he tries to take advantage of Collamair's absence.
  • Collamair's new vampire, Catherine, turns out to be a total bitch and tries to kill him. So he kills her instead. This sends him into an immediate coma for several days, and all his vampires into a momentary one.
  • Auron finds Collamair using their link, and brings him home safely.
    1650 - Part 20
  • Faylin ends up at a whore house when he's looking for an inn. Maili, a vampire who happens to be working there takes him in for the day.
  • After getting on friendly terms with him the next evening, she manages to break down his hesitant barriers and seduce him.
    1653 - Part 20-22
  • Collamair offers Faylin some bilingual books after learning of his interest developed during his time with Farrell. When in his room looking for them, Faylin talks about other interests, like little faeries. Collamair promptly whisks him away to a faerie tree he knows of.
  • While watching the faeries, they talk about their pasts. Collamair APOLOGIZES. Faylin gets uppity, and Collamair brings him back home.
  • Questioning Collamair's omission of some of his family, Collamair lies to dodge the fact that he gave the kids to Eanwulf. Faylin is angered and breaks the front door with Collamair before leaving.
  • Auron gives Collamair some vampire surgery to remove ribs shards which were embedded in his lungs after Faylin smashed them in.
  • Faylin runs to Maili, who is slightly unsympathetic to his whinings, but sleeps with him anyway.
  • Meanwhile, Bhruic is conspiring with Eanwulf to have Faylin monitored. He rewards Eanwulf with Struan time.
  • While at Eanwulf's castle, Struan meets Neala, a child vampire, and learns to see ghosts.
  • Upon his return home he set upon by ghosts of his victims and is driven to hide in Eadoin's closet.
  • Struan is soon forced to entertain his master, but rather than torture and rape her, he decides to kill her immediately, hoping to avoid being haunted. Upon his release from Bhruic's punishment, the woman he just killed confronts him as a ghost, and agrees not to haunt him if he will walk with her to her destination.
  • Struan soon meets Connlaoth Ferdomnach (CF), the son of Ankou, a soul bringer in his own right. He takes a chunk of Struan's hair for use in blackmailing him later on.
    1654 - Part 23
  • Struan receives a letter from CF giving him a place for them to meet.
  • CF seems to have innocent intentions, at first wanting company at his soul collecting task, and then just company and some examples of human songs from Struan.
  • During their outing, some of Struan's ghosts make an appearance. CF is only able to revitalize one of them, who decides to leave. He tells Struan he is responsible for his own ghosts, and to make some of them leave, he will have to learn remorse for his actions.
    1660 - Part 22-23
  • Faylin returns home for the first time since Collamair's apology. Collamair only runs into him once, and leaves him alone, seemingly ashamed. This drives Faylin to seek out Auron on Maili's advice.
  • Auron verifies Faylin's ideas: that Collamair does indeed have outside influences on his personality causing his seemingly extreme personality/mood swings. She hypothesizes the driving force behind his cruelty is Eanwulf.
  • Faylin runs back to Maili again, who encourages him to get along on amiable terms with his master.
  • Collamair discovers one of his human servants absconding with one of his library books. Since she only borrows them, he decides not to punish her.
  • The book thief encourages Collamair to write down his confused thoughts and feelings about Faylin, and when he does, reads them and offers her advice.
  • Furious, Collamair locks her away with orders that no one is to speak to or release her.
  • Her husband repeatedly tries though, and in trying he is turned into a leech who goes on a killing rampage taking out most of the servants.
    1701 - Part 23
  • Collamair attempts to teach Faylin how to hypnotize people, so he's not giving them head trauma, but he fails miserably
  • Both Eanwulf and Mysterious Hooded Figure are watching. MHF even sees and confronts Eanwulf briefly.
    1730 - Part 23-24
  • Collamair now regularly checks his servants for signs of turning leech and destroys any in the early stages.
  • He begins to doubt his methods of "ruling," but Auron beats some sense into him. She and he share a lovely flute/harp duet.
    1733 - Part 24
  • Eanwulf shares his Vidrik meeting with Bhruic who brushes it off.
  • Whilst Struan is supposed to be submitting to Eanwulf on this visit, he stabs him in the eye instead, is crippled by an angry master, and taken home for punishment.
  • A month later, a curious Connlaoth Ferdomnach searches him out after Struan does not answer his letter's call. After some begging, CF makes off with Struan much to the chagrin of Bhruic.
    1775 - Part 25
  • Faylin visits Collamair's room to contemplate a painting after seeing a mother and child in the halls. He realizes that his memories of his happy, human times are fading away. Collamair confirms that this happens to most vampires, and Faylin makes an insensitive comment which is deflected back onto him by Collamair's guilt defense.
    1813 - Part 25
  • Collamair's castle is haunted by the ghost of Farrell. He makes himself known in the early stages by mischief and pushing. He's searching for Faylin but is lazy. Collamair retrieves him on Ghost Farrell's behalf.
  • Farrell and Faylin start traveling again. Farrell reveals he is cursed to reincarnation, and his soul is originally from a celtic warrior named Liam who lived centuries ago.
    1823 - Part 25
  • With Faylin's prolongued absences, Collamair had started to go into his trances again.
    1833 - Part 26
  • Faylin receives a memorable going away present from Maili, who is about to disappear from her job for a decade or two. Faylin is devastated, even more so when he realizes that Farrell has seen him enjoying Maili's gift.
    1839 - Part 26-27
  • Bhruic visits Collamair to try and find out his own information about Faylin. He makes him sleep with the twins, and then leaves them there in a subtle act of subterfuge. In the end he learns Faylin is probably going off unaccounted for because Collamair likes him.
  • Collamair tries sorting out Bhruic's conversations and the things he learned from the twins. He thinks Faylin might be in danger from Bhruic or an outside source.
  • Meanwhile, Struan and CF have been traveling around as soul-bringers to the Gates. Struan is markedly more fae looking in appearance, but he still cannot see the mystical doors to the afterlife. CF leaves him on the shore when he goes to deliver his souls.
  • The Gatekeepers have been thrown into shock with a massive die off that is coming.
    1844 - Part 27
  • The blight hits the first potato crops in Ireland. Famine and political dissent is imminent.
    1848 - Part 27
  • The Famine is in full swing and Faylin comes home distressed from all the death he's seen and caused, even if they were asked-for mercy killings. Collamair tries and fails to tell him that he will stay home and stop wandering out of fear for his safety. He proclaims he will tell him "later."
    1849 - Part 27-29
  • An Anglo-Irish middleman has appeared and brought the constabulary to Collamair’s town. Collamair gathers all of his servants and vampires and goes to confront him, eventually slaughtering all of the constables. Faylin has a moral opposition to this, then leaves the castle to avoid whatever punishment Collamair was going to inflict on him.
  • As a result of their public display of violence, Collamair reveals the truth of himself and his clan to the townsfolk.
  • Farrell threatens Collamair’s life to leave Faylin alone, breaks all his harps, then joins Faylin on the road.
  • Collamair grants a request to his servant, Sean, for helping in the constable melee. Sean asks for a revision to the vampire x servant relationship. A whole new town system is born.
    1850 – Part 29
  • Faylin helps a dying man, Jimmy, finish digging graves for his family, and then for him. The man’s spirit is then free of the hungered existence of all his compatriots and heads off to where CF and Struan wait to move souls to the gate.
  • Ankou joins CF, and Jimmy is immediately noticeable to them because of his temperament and he reveals a vampire is the source of his peaceful rest.
  • Ankou already knows Faylin’s description. He leaves, taking a bunch of the dead with him, and leaving Struan alone, unmolested and unnoticed.
  • The human x vampire relationship continues to evolve in Collamair’s town. He gets a muscley, human boyfriend.
    1862 – Part 29-30
  • Faylin and Liam encounter some silent ghosts following them. (only Liam can see them.)
  • Faylin, on his way back to Collamair’s, goes missing while Liam is briefly away.
  • Liam and Collamair join forces to try and find him. Collamair goes to Bhruic’s, Liam visits Ankou.
  • Collamair makes Sean a vampire at his request.
    1863 – Part 30
  • Even Vidrik is confused by where Faylin could have gone.
    1866 – Part 30
  • Bhruic comes to visit Eanwulf for an update on his spyings on Collamair. Eanwulf faithfully reports that Faylin has vanished and Collamair has no idea where he is. Bhruic leaves, frustrated at this information. Eanwulf is ecstatic, for Faylin is in his own home, and Bhruic had no idea.
    1879 – Part 30
  • Liam is reincarnated
    1882 – Part 30
  • Collamair meets Maili. It goes pretty well.
    1885 – Part 31
  • The twins decide to visit Collamair unbeknownst to Bhruic to clear their conscience. They unwillingly told him stuff about Collamair, and think that he has some kind of spy.
    1888 – Part 31-32
  • Eanwulf kidnaps some kids from Collamair’s town. Collamair and a few vampires go to get them back.
  • Thanks to Auron’s sharp nose and breath holding, Faylin is discovered, Eanwulf deposed and executed. But Faylin is mentally unwell.
  • Mirna reveals herself to Collamair as still being alive, and being a vampire.
  • Collamair visits Maili to take a break from the horrors of the castle.
  • Eanwulf’s vampires take poorly to their Master’s demise. With Neala’s council, Collamair and his vampires decide they must all be exterminated, except for Mirna and Neala. But Neala asks for death and receives it.
    Year??? Part 33
  • CF and Struan visit CF’s mom. She makes Struan and guest, and Struan discovers many things about his weirdly mutated vampire self.
  • CMom tells Struan the history of the creation of vampires, and starts to teach Struan to read Faerie. She gives him a small gift of sunglasses when they depart.
    1889 – Part 34-37
  • Some long term plans are put into action to attempt to remove an unwilling Faylin from Eanwulf’s castle. A double room to his has been prepared in Collamair’s castle and he is successfully transferred there before waking. Mirna joins them.
  • With Faylin finally out of Eanwulf’s, Collamair invites Maili to visit. It doesn’t go great.
  • Faylin’s recover continues moving forward and back, until Collamair decides it might be a good idea to keep Mirna away for a little bit.
  • She agrees, asks to say goodbye, and then goes and kills Faylin’s current minder, Jocet. All of Collamair’s vampires shut down. She kidnaps Faylin again and flees.
  • Maili’s brothel burns down soon after, and she comes to Collamair’s to stay the night to find all of the vampires unconscious, but a worried group of townspeople and servants watching over them.
  • Vidrik finds Faylin and Mirna staying in one of Faylin’s old hideouts. He does some weird magic that orders things in Faylin’s mind and accuses Mirna of being messy in there. Faylin awakes far more whole than he’s been since being kidnapped.
  • He is shocked by Mirna, and wants to reconnect with her, but she is too angry.
  • They agree to go to France together. Vidrik whisks them near Paris. Overwhelmed by its size, they retreat to a nearby house to stay until they’re ready to enter.
  • After a week of being unconscious, Collamair’s vampires wake up.
  • Collamair wakes up a little after they do. He decides to break his bond with Galvan so they can have protection should they all go unconscious at the same time again.
  • After several days, Mirna massacres the family she and Faylin had stayed with. They leave the house and enter Paris, dazzled by its modernity.
  • They find a large house and invade it, Faylin convincing Mirna to not immediately kill everyone.
  • Taking up residence there, they hire a French tutor. Mirna does not take criticism well, and it goes poorly.
  • Saorla asks Collamair to break their bond as well so she can go outside of Ireland to search for them. He reluctantly agrees.
  • Mirna cuts her hair.
  • Faylin and Mirna go to visit the World’s Fair of 1889.
  • Saorla’s first letter – she starts searching Scotland.
    1890 – Part 37
  • Mirna keeps killing everyone she feeds on, so Faylin and Mirna just stop feeding together
    1891 – Part 37
  • Saorla’s second letter – finished searching UK
    1893 – Part 37- 39
  • Bhruic visits Eanwulf’s castle and finds everything dead and grown over.
  • Saorla’s third letter – her search along the French coast is complete. She starts to turn inland.
  • Mirna meets Renard
    1894 – Part 38
  • Faylin meets Amanda Bell, gets painted, and leaves before his portrait is finished because Francois suspects something off.
    1897 – Part 37, 39, 40, 42, 43
  • Collamair takes down the painting in his room.
  • Saorla’s fourth letter – her travels through the countryside are almost over and she approaches Paris.
  • Collamair, Auron and Maili receive Saorla’s 5th letter, about being in Paris.
  • Saorla meets Amanda Bell
  • Mirna gives Renard a story. He gives her homework. She follows Faylin watching him feed on dead people. Renard realizes something is weird with Mirna.
  • Auron thinks Collamair is acting strange, so she tries to subtly use Galvan to suss out the issue
  • Mirna and Faylin start spending a little bit of time together as friends.
  • Saorla finally finds Faylin, greeting him after some evening entertainment.
  • Saorla tries to convince Faylin to part with Mirna, Mirna tries to kill her.
  • Mirna takes her leave of Faylin, telling him she can't stand him and that Vidrik put orders on her when they left Collamair's. She kills the family they'd been staying with.
  • Mirna heads to Renard's place and takes shelter there. He welcomes her and learns that she is a vampire, and her birth name is Mirna.
  • She tells him more about being a vampire.
  • Saorla sends Faylin back to Ireland and promises she won't write Collamair about his location.
  • Faylin goes to sleep in a graveyard for a long time
  • Mirna moves in with Renard.
  • Renard's uncle comes to visit the bookstore and meets Mirna. He accuses Renard of patronizing boy whores.
  • Renard gets angry and makes his uncle leave. Mirna and he have a heart-to-heart. She learns a little more about him.
    1989 - Part 40, 43, 44, 45
  • Saorla continues sending Collamair letters, but they are lies.
  • Saorla suggests to a doctor, Francois, that a diagnosis is wrong. He's very rude when he disagrees with her.
  • Amanda Bell comes to the bookstore with her family. They meet Mirna and Amanda asks if she knows Faylin or Saorla.
  • Sensing danger, Renard sends the family out, and manages to convince Mirna not to go after them.
  • Saorla comes across a body in her hospital's morgue that has had its throat ripped out.
  • She challenges Dr. Francois Charrier about the cause of death, and uses vampire magic to draw some memories out of him.
  • She puts orders on him to tell a policeman that the body has been murdered, as well as many of the others around Paris.
  • Renard reads a paper article about Le Predator de Paris
  • Amanda Bell comes to the hospital to tell Saorla about her encounter with Mirna.
  • Saorla watches Mirna and Renard from afar, but afraid to get too close, she puts more orders on the doctor to go and check out the bookstore for her.
    1902 - Part 40, 42, 44, 46
  • Faylin wakes up from his grave with Vidrik's help. Vidrik sends him off with a feeding and without telling him what he knows of Mirna.
  • Wilkins MacPherson and his wife fight over the faerie nature of their son. He is driven out of the house temporarily.
  • He heads to the cemetery, just at sunset and is there when Faylin crawls out of his grave
  • Wilkins panics and thinks he might have buried someone alive so grabs Faylin up and runs back to his house.
  • He fails to give Faylin and invitation before trying to run him into a door, so Faylin is forcefully rejected and breaks his arm on impact with the ground.
  • Wilkins tells him he's part kat-sith, and offers to bring Faylin in to splint his arm and apologize.
  • Wilkins gives Faylin a bath, sets his arm, and gives him a coffin to stay the night in.
  • Faylin tries to sneak out, but the weird presence inside of him talks to him for the first time, shifts his soul around to give him the ability to see energy, and convinces him it'd be alright to stay.
  • On his way out of Wilkins', Faylin meets Tavis, the reincarnation of Farrell.
  • Faylin calls Tavis the wrong name, and Tavis punches him down the stairs in anger.
  • Worried Faylin is killed, Wilkins puts him in a coffin to see what happen.
  • Faylin eventually wakes up with the assistance of Wilkins' own blood and a mechanical leech.
  • Though still a little weak, Faylin wants to see Tavis again, so brings him his meal in the graveyard where he's working as a grave digger.
  • Tavis gets angry at him again and knocks him out with a shovel, dragging him back to Wilkins' and asking to leave him in a grave somewhere.
  • Tavis has a dream/flashback to the time Faylin tried to kill Farrell.
  • Faylin agrees to stay with Wilkins until he's better. Wilkins offers him a job and a home before he can leave.
    1903 – Part 41, 43, 45, 46
  • Bhruic’s people go to Hagen’s. Iggy meets Felly (who is 12).
  • CF brings Struan to visit his sister and brother-in-law.
  • Triona is VERY interested in Struan, and makes a pact with him to teach him magic in exchange for finding vampires to test a food->blood potion on.
  • They go to Struan's home and find the vampires gone, then go to Scotland where they kidnap Lochan and have a brief interaction with Eadoin and Bhruic.
  • Struan brings Triona to Collamair's castle where they kidnap in succession: Sean, Maili and Auron.
  • Collamair finally confronts them and gets accidentally kidnapped.
  • Upset at how long he might have to spend with CF alone if he and Struan stay to learn magic, Fearghus summons CMom to help.
  • Struan suggests the blood potion isn't working because vampires can't eat any food, blood or otherwise.
  • CMom appears, frees Collamair, and does some on the spot original biscuit magic. Collamair takes one willingly, and barfs it all back up.
  • CF feeds him some of his own blood to make him well, and Collamair is sent home.
  • Because of CF's blood, Collamair learns to see ghosts.
  • Collamair talks to a ghost who ends up being Lynette, the book thief. After telling her he remembers her and apologizing, she is able to move on.
  • Collamair starts a campaign to try and track down the ghost of Torren, his former human lover.
  • While Triona teaches Struan magic, CF has some hissy fits. In the middle of it, Ankou comes to visit.
  • Alerted to her father's presence, Triona poofs Struan away to the last place they visited, Collamair's castle.
  • Arriving during the day, Struan takes the opportunity to steal some clothes and go around the town during the day, trying to blend in. But the townsfolk notice him and give chase.
  • Collamair is alerted to Struan's presence that evening.
  • Collamair and Struan try to find the ghost of Collamair's old boyfriend, Torren. The don't succeed.