All Roses Have Thorns

Next week is ARHT's bday! (June 8th!)

I'll be posting the last two pages of this chapter next week, Wed + Fri!

The next order of fun business is a random drawing for a comment contest. To enter, just put a comment on any of the last 98, or next 2 pages. If you have already commented, you are entered. I will randomly select a page out of the 100, and then randomly select a winner off that page's comments. If I land on a page with no comments, I will reselect until finding one. This opportunity ends on Saturday morning (6/10) EST.

The winner gets a free ARHT tea OR something up to ~$25 from the ARHT section of Redbubble

Let me also point out you can get a free sample of random ARHT tea by spinning THE WHEEL if you so desire.

Our Previous Fun celebration still stands, fill out a trivia quiz to maybe win a commission! (sorry if I made it too hard, there are currently no entries, so a single correct answer would win at this point).

A couple more fun things are in store for next week, check back!

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