All Roses Have Thorns
Happy 20th Birthday

Tomorrow is, officially, the 20th anniversary!

Today wraps up this scene. And there's a single page left for the end of the chapter Friday.

For today's celebrations, I made a 20 question character quiz, which ARHT character are you?! Feel free to take and share your results. I had a couple testers, and the results were promising! There's 10 options, and none of them are Eanwulf, so don't worry!

If you are entering the trivia quiz, note that you have until tomorrow, Thursday, at about 11:30 EST. One person is in the lead, but there are no perfect scores yet!

If you are entering the comment contest (throw comments on as many of the 100 most recent pages as you like), you have until Saturday morning, whenever I wake up EST!

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