All Roses Have Thorns
In conclusion.....

This is the end of the current ARHT chapter and our ARHTiversary celebrations!

For today's celebrations, Four images I made based on the poll from a couple months ago! Two of them are very NSFW as a warning/enticement.

The Character Quiz is still up and will remain so indefinitely.

And if you want to enter the comment contest, you have until Saturday morning when I will select a comment from the most recent 100 pages.

The Trivia quiz is closed, with the answers being thusly (there is at 10pm one clear person in the lead)

  1. Collamair did not offer "Faelhyn" as an alternative spelling for Faylin. It has a Y in it and that is a gross English letter.
  2. Bhruic's name used to be Baillidh, though Ba-duh also would have been acceptable. (Pronounced Bailey)
  3. The woman in the picture first appeared in #31 playing in the snow as a child.
  4. Collamair has sired 12 vampires total, though a handful of them are solely bg characters who don't even have names! (I'm a bad writer)
  5. Wilkins has 2 mummies!
  6. The twins used to be 18 when they were created.
  7. Kinnin is the name of the first vampire, as revealed in the illuminated manuscript.
  8. Faylin had 4 kids.
  9. I started completely digitally inking pages in part 35, although I didn't mention it at the time. I wanted to see if anyone noticed (It was unnoticeable).
  10. Wilkins is the character who is responsible for Faylin's creation, as "a vampire who lives in the undertaker's basement."
  11. Tavis' other names are Liam, Farrell, and Fionn
  12. Collamair has only killed 9 people on screen! Surprisingly few!
  13. Baby doll, oh baby dear, baby bring your corpses here.
  14. Butter Churn was the first gift Struan gave to CF in-comic.
  15. Vampires that got kidnapped by Triona and Struan were: Lochan, Sean, Maili, Auron, and Collamair
  16. A common vampire weakness that Faylin does not have is aversion to holy items!
  17. Ankou is Tavis' great-grandfather.
  18. Leanan is the faerie that was Kinnin's grandmother, and therefore partially responsible for the creation of vampires.
  19. Maili's brothel burned down.
  20. Malone bought a souvenir from Annie Oakley at the World Expo.

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